Permits & Fees

To ensure all private and public activity on the public right-of-way is conducted in a safe manner that does not destroy public property the City issues various permits.  In order to recover costs, a fee will be collected at the time of obtaining a permit. Links to various permit forms, and fees information can be found below:

Encroachment/Excavation Permit - Encroachment permits are required for most types of work within the public right-of-way. Right-of-way typically includes streets, sidewalks, and parkways behind the curb.  Even when there is no sidewalk, the street right-of-way usually extends behind the curb.  When in doubt check with the Public Works Department Engineering Division for the exact extent of the City's right-of-way or easements.   Applications for permits are to be submitted in person to the Public Works Department Engineering Division counter located on the second floor of La Habra City Hall.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 FEES - Permit fees are based on the type and amount of work involved.  Additionally, a cash deposit may be required to guarantee completion of the work, protection and/or repair of exiting facilities,  or to enforce compliance and restricted work hours.  The cash deposit is fully refundable upon successful compliance with the terms of the permit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Effective immediately all permit requests must be submitted via email to Engineering Division for plan check to: 


    • In the Subject Line: State address or location of project.                                      

  • Complete Application for Permit along with a set of scaled size 11x17” construction plans.
  • Traffic control plans are to be submitted separately to Michael Plotnik via email for review at
  • Comments/approvals are typically returned within 10 business days.
  • All fees (for the time being) can be mailed to: The City of La Habra - Public Works Department/ Engineering Division c/o Permit Payment - 110 E. La Habra Blvd., La Habra, CA 90631. (DO NOT SEND CASH).  Once payment has been received and processed. A receipt and copy of the permit will be emailed back to you.   
  • At time of issuance the applicant/contractor shall provide a certificate of liability insurance listing City of La Habra as additionally insured
  • Provide a valid copy of the contractor’s license
  • Provide a valid copy of the  contractor’s city business license.

Transportation Wide Overweight Load Permit - A permit is required for movement of overweight or wide vehicles, buildings and trucks into or through city.  You may submit your application via email to:

Small Wireless Communication Facility Permits - All applications and supporting information, documentation and other materials related to Small Wireless facilities in the Public Right-of-way must be submitted IN PERSON BY APPOINTMENT ONLY at the Public Works Department counter located in City Hall, during the City's regular business hours.  You may schedule an appointment to submit the application by contacting the Engineering Department at (562) 383-4151.