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Welcome to the NPDES Section

The City of La Habra is under the fourth term NPDES permit, Order R8-2009-0030, which was adopted on May 22, 2009. With the adoption of the new permit, deadlines are set with the municipalities, working with the County of Orange, to meet various requirements of the permit. The most current adopted permit includes mandates for the implementation of water quality control programs, including public education, regulatory requirements for existing and new development, increased inspections, monitoring, revision, and the adoption of more restrictive development standards.

Staff Contact Information
Melissa You, NPDES Program Coordinator
Abraham Tellez, NPDES Program Inspector

(562) 383-4151    Fax: (562) 383-4476

WQMP Template

WQMP Priority Determination Form

WQMP O and M Plan

FINAL Non-Priority Project WQMP  

OC Construction Runoff Guidance Manual


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Model Water Quality Management Plan

The Model Water Quality Management Plan (Model WQMP) has been developed to aid project proponents with addressing post-construction urban runoff and storm water pollution from new development and significant redevelopment projects that qualify as Priority Projects.  A Technical Guidance Document (TGD) is also available for project proponents to assist them with compliance with the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board (SARWQCB) permit requirements and to explain aspects of the Model WQMP.


The link below redirects you to the County’s webpage containing both documents.


Model WQMP and TGD


Eliminate Storm Water Pollution Caused by Construction Run-off

The goal of the City of La Habra’s NPDES Program is to prevent pollution from being discharged into Coyote Creek and ultimately into the Pacific Ocean. As a result of poor practices, carelessness, and even lack of knowledge, construction projects can be a major source of pollution. It is the responsibility of project developers and owners to implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) that prevent pollutant discharges during construction. It is the City’s responsibility to enforce them. To help developers and owners, a Construction Runoff Guidance Manual was made available by the City’s NPDES Program.  The Manual explains how and when to implement Best Management Practices for construction projects. 

How to Recycle your Used Motor Oil

Oil doesn’t wear out – it can be recycled for reuse as engine oil, as well as other uses. We have six used oil recycling centers in La Habra. 

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Stormwater Pollution

Many residents are not aware that La Habra has two drainage systems - the sanitary sewers and the storm drains. Continue reading more

What can I do to prevent Stormwater Pollution?

 As a resident or business owner in La Habra there are some simple steps you can take to help prevent stormwater pollution.

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What is NPDES?

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