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Hazardous Waste

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Hazardous Waste

New Requirements for Home-Generated Sharps

Beginning on September 1, 2008, a new State law makes it illegal to dispose of sharps waste in the trash or recycling container and requires that all sharps waste be transported to a collection center in an approved sharps container.  

In response to this law, the Orange County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers will now accept sharps for disposal.  For more details read the full story:

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Household Hazardous Waste

Did you know that many household items cannot be thrown into the trash?  Common items such as cleaning products, electronics, batteries and many more items are considered "hazardous waste" and are banned from landfills in California.  If these products are put into the landfills, they will eventually contaminate our groundwater.  The illegal disposal of hazardous waste is a dangerous threat to the health of our community.  Please read about how to identify products as hazardous waste and what you can do about them. Continue reading more


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